Smartphone Data Recovery

Smartphones have allowed people to take so much of their lives with them wherever they go. We communicate with friends and family on social media, using text messages, pictures, and live-stream video. We can communicate instantly with relatives on the road. If you have a smartphone, you're not even out of reach from work, and many workers around the world use their phones as another means to stay on the job even while they're out of the office. When something goes wrong with our smartphones, it is incredibly frustrating. We can lose access to years of pictures and video with friends and family. We can lose important documents for a project only days away from a deadline. If you need smartphone data recovery, if the OS is corrupted, or if you've been locked out of your own device, contact California Data Recovery.

We can recover:

  • Photos, videos, and audio files
  • Saved messages or notes from programs like S-Note
  • Contact information
  • Chat logs
  • Web browsing data
  • And much more!

Using sophisticated tools, our engineers have years of experience accomplishing full smartphone data recovery for our customers. We've seen phones dropped onto hard sidewalks or doused in water. We've extracted data from phones affected by malware. Even phones damaged in house fires are not necessarily a complete loss. If it's possible for our engineers to access the data, then it's also possible for us to extract it for you.

If you're dealing with the sudden loss of data on your smartphone, contact California Data Recovery today. Let our professionals retrieve years of memories and hard work.

Our experts are standing by to help recover your valuable data.

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Any OS, any brand

Today, smartphones are produced by an array of manufacturers. Each phone has unique features that appeal to different sets of customers. Because there are so many options in phones today, the engineers at California Data Recovery have become familiar with all of these brands. We can't afford to not keep up with the yearly updates smartphone makers put out on the market! We've worked on Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, HTC Ones, and more. As more manufacturers enter the market, such as Google with its Pixel series of phones, our engineers bring the experience and the qualifications necessary to work on these newer devices.

It's not just the hardware we worry about. Smartphones today have complex OSes that manage their myriad features. If an OS is corrupted, your phone may as well be a very thin brick. But that doesn't mean your data has to stay a part of this brick. No matter what caused you to lose access to your information, our specialists can perform smartphone data recovery on your device, even through changed passwords, failing operating systems, and physical damage.