Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Laptops are invaluable pieces of equipment for people who need the versatility of a desktop PC anywhere they go. Either at the office itself, from home, or a hotel, laptops have become essential to writers, web developers, and school students alike. When a laptop hard drive fails, people can lose thousands of hours of work instantly. However, this is not always a total loss. CA Data Recovery offers a variety of laptop hard drive data recovery services to help you retrieve information on damaged or failing hard drives. We can help you restore that data to a working drive, and get your laptop back into working order.

We perform laptop hard drive data recovery on Mac or PC!

Whether it's a Macbook or a Windows laptop, our fully qualified technicians can perform laptop data recovery on your machine. We understand that our customers use laptops of all types. They can be newer models, they can be old workhorses. We've seen it all while performing laptop hard drive data recovery.

Using a variety of sophisticated techniques, and state-of-the-art tools, we're able to work on laptops of any configuration. Our technicians can rescue your data, and get you back on your feet.

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I Dropped My Laptop!

There are many ways a laptop hard drive can fail. Over time, basic use of a laptop can cause the drive to experience many vibrations. These will eventually cause the drive to develop bad sectors. In the worst cases, the laptop will fail to recognize the drive entirely. However, not all hard drive failures come from regular use. The worst accident that can happen to any laptop is a long drop to a hard floor.

Dropping a laptop can be a horrifying event. These machines represent hundreds of hours of work. To lose it is almost like losing a hand. A dropped laptop may continue working, sometimes without any visible problems. However, a dropped laptop doesn't just cause damage to the outer shell or its display. The hard drive disc itself may be affected by the sudden impact. If the laptop was on during the fall, the hard drive could have been badly damaged. This damage will begin to show, sooner or later.

A damaged hard drive will develop bad sectors very quickly. The longer you continue to try using this drive, the more likely you will suffer a total hard drive failure. Your data can be left partially or totally unrecoverable even by the best experts. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your valuable data after dropping your laptop.

What Should I Do After Dropping My Laptop?

Listen to the hard drive

If you hear clicking, lack of spinning, or warning beeps, your drive is in serious trouble. Power down your laptop as soon as possible! At this point, contacting experts at CA Data Recovery is your best bet.

Back-up your data

This is a wake-up call for many laptop users. Data back-ups should always be made. If your drive is still running properly after a serious fall, make that back-up as soon as you can.

If necessary, remove the hard drive from the laptop

If the drive is no longer recognized by your laptop, you may need to remove it from the machine. Many laptops provide easy access to the drive. Your machine should have come with instructions that show how to do this. There are also free online resources to help you. When you do remove the drive, do not try to open it yourself. Do not squeeze the drive case, and handle it with care. Further damage will make laptop hard drive data recovery difficult.

Connect the hard drive to another computer

If the drive is no longer recognized, it may not be the drive itself that has failed. You can check the drive by connecting it to a desktop PC, using special USB adapters. If the drive is recognized by the PC, but your laptop does not, you have other problems.

If your drive is failing, or has failed, STOP using it

If your drive shows signs of failure, trying to use it can make laptop hard drive recovery impossible. Do not power on the the drive repeatedly. This will not fix it. Once you know it is failed, you need to contact data recovery experts.

CA Data Recovery experts can help you get your information back!

Laptop hard drive data recovery requires fully qualified professionals. With years of experience at successfully recovering data from failed drives, CA Data Recovery Incorporated can be relied on to save your hard work. Call us today, and recover your 'lost' data.