Hard Drive Recovery

California Data Recovery's technicians are highly skilled at hard drive recovery. We are experienced with all modern storage media, including:

  • Floppy Disks
  • Thumb drives
  • Flash drives
  • Cameras
  • Flash Memory
  • Mac Hard Drives
  • Powerbook Hard Drives
  • Note Book Hard Drives
  • ATA/SATA Hard Drives
  • SCSI Drives
  • If it's an electronics data storage medium, and we can still access it, your data is not lost forever! Our areas of expertise include:

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    Have a RAID set-up gone bad? Our hard drive recovery specialists are ready for it!

    At California Data Recovery, RAID Recovery is one of our core specialties. We can rebuild your RAID System (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, along with other configurations). We've worked with companies and government institutions of all sizes in providing maintenance and data recovery solutions. If your servers suffer a serious crash, and you need to move that data to new storage systems, we are ready to help. Our technicians will extract your critical information from the failed RAID, and help restore it for use on a new RAID built to your specifications.

    California Data Recovery has the experience to rescue your documents!

    At California Data Recovery, we boast an impressive 95% rate of success for hard drive recovery. We've seen drives fail from physical damage, and from regular wear and tear that accumulates with use. Some of our technicians have successfully pulled data off storage media damaged by flood waters!

    The bottom line is that no data recovery situation is the same. Different clients have different hardware, and different types of data they want to restore. This broad level of experience spans from private data storage on a laptop, to corporate server boxes. Thanks to the combined decades of experience our technicians have, we are confident in our ability to safely recover data for our clients.

    If your hard drive has crashed, don't try turning it on and off again while hoping for the best! Contact the professionals as California Data Recover today for a consultation. Let our pros handle the rescue and restoration of your vital information!