Server Data Recovery Services

Data servers of all makes and configurations are essential for many companies, large and small. When these complex systems fail, a company's life may be at stake, all hinging on successful server data recovery. Information critical to projects can suddenly be locked away due to a failure in a server. The critical nature of these emergencies places great stress on internal IT departments to get that data back as soon as possible. Technicians rush to try and diagnose the problem, then apply a quick fix if possible. This pressure potentially makes the situation worse, possibly even to the point where the data is truly lost forever.

Because server configurations vary significantly between companies and their needs, you need the assistance of qualified and experienced data recovery professionals. California Data Recovery's technicians have the years of experience, and the full qualifications, to perform successful server data recovery on your system, no matter the configuration.

We work with all Linux/Unix server configurations

Because server failures can be the result of many different factors, California Data Recovery technicians are skilled at rooting out the hardware and software causes of failure. Physical failure of server hard drives is always a possibility, regardless of the software configuration. A failed drive in a RAID can seemingly wipe out your data. A faulty RAID controller can further complicate things, failing to notify you of issues with drives in your RAID. However, the hardware is not the only possible point of failure.

CA Data Recovery also recognizes that server failures can be the result of software issues, while the physical hardware is otherwise fine. A server can be compromised by malware. In a worst-case scenario, ransomware can encrypt portions of vital information on your server. We see all manner of software and hardware failures in Linux/Unix server configurations, and are capable of successful server data recovery in all of them.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is a provider of software solutions for a variety of physical and virtual machine server configurations. Our engineers have years of experience across every new iteration of Microsoft products, and the hardware it supplements. CA Data Recovery's engineers have successfully performed server data recovery on Microsoft systems suffering from a wide variety of problems.

We've seen Windows software corrupted by viruses, denying access to your data. Clients have had multiple hard drives in a RAID fail, and virtual machines that are recognized by their systems but refuse to boot. We've even recovered servers after drives have been accidentally formatted. Our advanced tools allow us to accurately diagnose the real causes of your server failure, and then properly address the issue to get your data back online.

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Database Recovery

Corporations rely on properly maintained databases for their important and sensitive information all over California. These databases can represent years of effort and a lot of money. Unfortunately, no matter how reliable a database seemingly is, it could fail when you least expect it. Database corruption and loss could be the result of hardware failure. Multiple drives in a server RAID could go bad at the same time. A compromised user account could allow malware onto your network. The database files themselves could become corrupt over time. These problems can happen with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, FileMaker, and any other database solution on the market.

No matter what the cause, California Data Recovery's qualified engineers can use their advanced tools to restore your database to working order.

RAID Recovery

Servers all over the world are RAID configurations. The speed and efficiency in these set ups are matched by their overall reliability. With RAID systems above RAID 0, information back ups allow for increased security against potential hardware failures. However, the nature of RAID configurations means that drives going bad can cause significant data loss, regardless of the set up. And then we have to contend with mother nature herself. Floods and fires are as much of a threat to a server as a simple hardware or software failure.

As grim as this can sound at first, it is possible to recover the data in a failed RAID set up. With the right tools, an experienced engineer from California Data Recovery can locate the points of failure in your RAID. If we have access to your hardware, we can perform server data recovery on it.

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