Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

The desktop PC is a powerful tool for use at home, or at the office. From powerful gaming machines, to office work PCs, millions of casual and power users use the PC for work and play every single day. To some businesses, the information on the hard drives of their PCs represent thousands of man-hours of work. That data could be worth millions of dollars. To the college student, the thesis stored on their hard drives can make or break the entire school year. While proper back-ups are essential and should be maintained, hard drives can fail. The drives could suffer from external impacts, or they could just fail at random. Ransomware is a growing problem that has affected PCs worldwide, with infected machines having portions of their data locked away from their users. CA Data Recovery Incorporated has years of experience with desktop hard drive data recovery. We can help you restore your important information, even if it looks 'lost'.

Any configuration, any brand, Mac or PC

CA Data Recovery Inc. has fully qualified professionals who use advanced techniques and special tools to recover data from any hard drive. We work on hard drives from any manufacturer. If it's a hard drive with a Mac OS, or a drive containing Windows 10, our technicians can restore the data. If the OS is corrupted by a virus, if your data is encrypted by ransomware, we can recover it. If the drive has physically failed, we have the means to work with it. If the drive was part of a RAID set up, we can restore that set up and recover the information. Even natural disasters are events we can recover data from. CA Data Recovery's staff has years of experience with desktop hard drive data recovery. We've achieved years of success with clients big and small.

Secure and Confidential

We understand that the data on your hard drives is valuable. Security and confidentiality are hallmarks of our services. When you call on CA Data Recovery for a desktop hard drive data recovery, we know that this sensitive information must be treated with respect. Your information will remain safe and secure throughout the whole process of recovery.

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What can you do after a hard drive failure?

A hard drive failure can happen suddenly, with very little warning. Many hard drives are still fully mechanical devices, with many small moving parts. Sudden jarring impacts can damage them beyond repair, but sometimes the parts just fail from regular every day use. Sometimes, a drive fails within days of being powered on for the first time. Sometimes, it takes years. When it happens, it always feels like it's at the worst possible time. Panic and frustration can set in, and that can make things worse.

In the event of a failure, power off the affected drives right away. The first sign of a major failure is your chance to prevent any further damage to the hard drive. Do not turn the computer on and off again repeatedly. This will not fix the drives. Even if they suddenly are recognized by your PC again, the failure still happened. Continued use can render the data completely unrecoverable.

Contact a certified data recovery specialist right away. Once we know the extent of the hard drive failure, we can provide the best possible desktop hard drive data recovery service. If you are affected by a failed desktop hard drive and need that information recovered as soon as possible, contact CA Data Recovery today, and get your data back online!