Data Destruction

With upgrades to computer hardware, a major concern for businesses of any size is what happens to the older machines. Many upgrades involve transferring some or all of the data to a new hard drive. The old drive is sometimes left forgotten in storage, and that is when it is most vulnerable to theft, "going missing", or inadvertently offered up as a spare storage device to an outside party. In all of these scenarios, the data that is still on the drive could be recovered by unwanted parties. To prevent this, you need professional data destruction services.

California Data Recovery offers complete data destruction for corporations and individuals. Our service can help your office ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FACTA. Not only does this keep your company safe, it keeps customer data secure.

Why is Data Destruction Important?

From small family businesses, to international conglomerates, misplaced data and data theft have resulted in millions of dollars in losses a year. That's before getting to the lawsuits from customers whose data was compromised, then used illegally. The price for not performing proper data destruction is oftentimes more expensive than the service itself.

For example, look at the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). There are three sets of safeguards: Administrative, Physical, and Technical. While each of these safeguards deal with specific concerns, a shared aspect is limiting access to vital information and storage systems to the right people. When a hard drive is put into storage, lost, or stolen, and data destruction has not been performed, that data is vulnerable to outside access and recovery.

It could be in the aftermath of a major upgrade, or it could be after a particularly difficult data recovery. Whatever your scenario, California Data Recovery Inc. can take your old hard drives or computers and destroy any existing data.

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