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Welcome to California Data Recovery Incorporated.

The home of the Bit-Chasers, where we recover lost and damaged data one bit at a time! Based in Sacramento, California we are proud to offer quality Data Recovery solutions and services!

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard drive data recovery requires fully qualified technicians. CA Data Recovery Incorporated has years of experience recovering failed hard drives.

Desktop Data Recovery

CA Data Recovery Incorporated has years of experience performing desktop hard drive data recovery. We can restore your important information.

Smartphone Data Recovery

If you need smartphone data recovery, if the OS is corrupted, or you've been locked out of your own device, contact California Data Recovery.

Server/RAID Data Recovery

California Data Recovery's technicians have the years of experience, and the full qualifications, to perform successful server data recovery on your system.

Our experts are standing by to help recover your valuable data.

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Data Recovery Experts

If you have suffered from data loss, you are in the right place. We can help you recover data from your crashed computer or server. We can recover your data from Windows (R) and Mac (R) systems. See our data recovery page for more information.

Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, California Data Recovery, Inc. can help you preserve images of entire hard drives for analysis or preserve specific data from multiple systems relevant to your needs. With computers and electronic storage becoming more widespread every day, losing pieces of data, or even all of the data on a storage device, can be devastating to a business.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) can be collected based on file size, file type, hash values, date ranges, keywords or any combination of these values. We're able to find specific information of any kind, on any type of storage device.

Smart Phone Recovery

Don't forget that California Data Recovery can assist you with your cell phone data recovery needs. We can pull pictures, phone numbers, and text messages from most cell phones. If your smartphone is damaged beyond use, that doesn't always mean your data is lost forever! If your personal or work-use smart phone is out of order, we can get that important information restored on a new phone, or preserved for you to use on other devices.

If you are interested in learning about preservation and recovery of digital information we can help develop specialized classes to meet your organizational needs. On-site data recovery classes are available. We also offer Government, Law Enforcement, Educational, and contract discounts. Contact us today for details!

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Email Recovery

When it comes to email recovery we can help you identify messages sent or received by specified individuals, within specified date ranges. We can search selected messages for keywords and perform de-duplication of the data in most cases.